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Stamper Production Equipment Introduced at DADJ. Sony Music Group Ready for End-to-end Vinyl Record Production

First Releases: Eiichi Ohtaki and Billy Joel

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Disc-manufacturing subsidiary Sony DADC Japan (DADJ) is now outfitted with stamper equipment for vinyl record production, as announced today by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (SMEJ). This marks the first time in 29 years that all steps in analog record production, from cutting masters and making stampers to pressing records, are comprehensively available within the Sony Music Group in Japan.

Also announced were the first two releases commemorating the return of vinyl record production: Yume de Aetara—Eiichi Ohtaki Song Book III and Billy Joel's 52nd Street. Both releases are scheduled for March 21. Eiichi Ohtaki and Billy Joel are artists who were featured in the world's first commercial CD releases in October 1982.

Vinyl has made a worldwide comeback in recent years, led by fans in America. In Japan, record production volume has grown to ten times the level of its lowest point in 2009.1 Artists themselves request releasing more of their work on vinyl, as we continue to see renewed interest in this format. By providing end-to-end production within the Sony Music Group in Japan, we expect to encourage growth in the market for vinyl records and overall physical music products.

1: Source: Recording Industry Association of Japan

Comment from Michinori Mizuno, Representative Director and CEO of SMEJ

Vinyl record sales in the U.S. have grown to about 30 billion yen.2 The market in Japan has surged in recent years, but so far remains at about 3 billion yen. The potential is there for the format to continue thriving in Japan, where physical music products are appreciated.

The Sony Music Group sees vinyl records as a growth area and will unite in further developing the vinyl related business to ultimately expand the market. The integrated production we now provide paves the way for a larger catalog, and we hope to continue our efforts to spread the beauty of vinyl records to an even wider audience.

2: "Global Music Report 2017," IFPI

First Titles for Release in the Return to In-house Vinyl Production

Yume de Aetara, Eiichi Ohtaki Song Book III
Release: March 21, 2018
Price: 2,300 yen (plus tax)
Product No.: SRJL-1120
Tracks: Yume de Aetara (5-song LP)
Side One
  M-1 Eiichi Ohtaki
  M-3 Celia Paul ('87 Mix)
Side Two
  M-1 Kiyoe Yoshioka (of Ikimono-gakari
  M-2 Minako Yoshida (Yume de Aetara 2018)
Special site: (Japanese only)

52nd Street, Billy Joel
Release: March 21, 2018
Price: 3,800 yen (plus tax)
Product No.: SIJP-1000
Tracks: 9-song LP
Side One
  1. Big Shot
  2. Honesty
  3. My Life
  4. Zanzibar
Side Two
  5. Stiletto
  6. Rosalinda's Eyes
  7. Half a Mile Away
  8. Until the Night
  9. 52nd Street
Special site: (Japanese only)

A Quick Look at Our Vinyl Record Production

Using a cutting lathe at Sony Music Studios Tokyo (managed by group company Sony Music Communications), production of cutting masters for vinyl records began in February 2017. In June, a vinyl pressing machine was installed at DADJ.

Cutting lathe for lacquer discs
Grooves are cut into lacquer discs from the vibration of the cutting needle as the music master plays. (At Sony Music Studios Tokyo)

Plating equipment used in stamper production
Grooved lacquer discs are then metal-plated to create the inverted grooves of the ultra-precise dies called "stampers". (At the DADJ Oigawa site)

Vinyl pressing machine
Hot, soft vinyl is pressed with the stamper to transfer the grooves onto the vinyl surface to create a record. (At the DADJ Oigawa site)

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3: Gearing up for producing and manufacturing of vinyl records: Vinyl pressing machine introduced at Sony DADC Japan (June 29, 2017)

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