With People

Promoting diversity and supporting education with the power of music

We participate in the World YURU Music Association, an organization that aims to develop musical instruments anyone can play regardless of their experience and dexterity to create borderless joy and excitement in playing music. Now the association also provides online educational programs, aspiring to restructure musical education. Meanwhile, a band called Yuru Music Almost All Stars has started its journey for giving insight into diversity and achieving it through music.

Driving towards a more employee-friendly work environment respectful of diversity

Our group contributes to a better society through a healthy corporate management. Today we are making efforts to raise awareness of sustainability initiatives and provide workplaces that are more ideal for employees and respectful of diversity. Specifically, we have taken an affirmative approach to appoint female employees as managers and employ people with disabilities while providing in-house seminars on sustainability. Flexible rules for male employees who wish to take parental leave have also been introduced.

Our Activities