Vision & Message from the CEO


We contribute to realizing a prosperous society full of dreams and preserving the global environment by providing emotional, inspiring experiences through entertainment.

Message from Our Representative

Sony Music Group (Japan) promotes sustainability initiatives for a better future.

Our group has been providing people across the globe with emotional, inspiring experiences in every form of entertainment for over 50 years since its foundation. We believe such experiences inspire people and cultivate their minds, driving them with passion towards a better society.

As a diversified entertainment company, we continue to offer high quality inspiring experiences while supporting artists and creators with their creative projects, thereby contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society.

Drive excitement and inspiration to the future―

To deliver a better world to children in future generations and pass on to them dreams and hopes as well as excitement and inspiration, our group will keep unlocking new possibilities of entertainment.

Representative Director, CEO
Shunsuke Muramatsu