With Society

Providing physical and mental care to artists, creators, and staff

We have initiated a program called “B-side” for extending support to our artists, creators, and staff to ensure that they can concentrate on their creative activities in good physical and mental shape. It includes virtual medical consultations, regular checkups, and one-to-one support by professional counselors.

Educational support programs

We provide educational support for children, who will shape the future, with three programs for career education: “office visits” inviting pupils and students to our headquarters in Tokyo, “visiting lectures” by our staff visiting schools, and “remote lectures” from our office in Tokyo.

Offering entertainment content using our IPs as touchpoints towards SDGs and sustainability

We develop and utilize our content and intellectual properties (IPs) as part of our business, but the story doesn’t stop there; we also employ them to help create opportunities for various generations from children to adults to be exposed, with fun, to the ideas of SDGs and sustainability, cooperating with administrative agents and associated entities.

Supporting artists and creators with their social outreach efforts

We continuously donate to charities a portion of ticket sales from music events held by our artists and creators as well as handing out goods (especially clothes) to people in developing countries and organizations supporting refugees or disaster victims. Additionally, we engage in initiatives such as holding events to promote environmental preservation and establish funds for assisting workers in the fields of health care and entertainment.

Our Activities