With the Earth

Our group’s initiatives to preserve the environment

Sony Music Group (Japan) became ISO 14001 (an international standard for environmental management) certified in 2004 and consistently encourages all our employees to engage in initiatives to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Our efforts towards decarbonization, forest preservation, garbage reduction, and other forms of environmental protection especially focus on: actively using renewable energy for our office buildings and inspiring energy-saving behavior; going paperless by digitizing our physical documents and business processes while promoting the use of paper certified as being environmentally friendly; and ensuring proper waste sorting across all businesses of our group.

Pushing environmental initiatives in our business domain

We promote initiatives to reduce the impact on the environment in the operation of our solution business such as in manufacturing and logistics. Since 2004, Sony Music Studios Tokyo has been adopting green power, whose sources were originally wind energy and are currently biomass energy, and in 2020, JARED Oigawa Center, one of our logistics facilities, saw the opening of a system for the self-consignment of electricity produced by a remote photovoltaic power generation facility.

Our Activities