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Initiatives implemented around World Mental Health Day 2023 on October 10.


In conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2023, the Sony Music Group implemented various initiatives centered on the "B-side" project to support artists and creators both mentally and physically.

What’s World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on October 10. World Mental Health Day was established in 1992 by the World Federation of Mental Health to raise public awareness of mental health issues, eliminate prejudice, and spread correct knowledge. Later, the World Health Organization (WHO) joined the celebration and made it an official international day of commemoration.

World Mental Health Day JAPAN 2023
#Let's listen to your heart! Our Everyday Life and Mental Health~

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Sony Music Entertainment co-hosted a talk event "#Let's listen to your heart!"  ~Our Daily Life and Mental Health~" on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. Guests included Sho Ayanokoji of Kishidan, actor Yuna Hoshino as a cheering supporter, as well as a current student at The University of Tokyo Mayuko Sato and psychiatrist Yuuki Tanaka. Kyoko Uchida served as the MC.

World Mental Health Day JAPAN 2023 Event Report

Podcast/YouTube program "B-side Talk: Are you taking care of your mental health?
Special episode: Sony Music Entertainment CEO answers to B-side project leader “Important thing is the interest in people".

B-side, a project to support artists, creators, and their staff members who have management contracts with Sony Music Group companies from both mental and physical perspectives, releases bi-weekly Podcast/YouTube program "B-side Talk: Are you taking care of your mental health? ". In conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2023, Shunsuke Muramatsu, President and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, and Airi Tokudome, leader of "B-side," had a dialogue in the program.

"B-side Talk: Are you taking care of your mental health?”  with a related special interview is featured as one of the Sustainability series articles on Sony Music Group’s own media Cocotame.

Sustainability - What We Can Do
The President Speaks about the Sony Music Group's Thoughts: "Facing the Mental and Physical Care of Artists and Creators".

About "B-side”

The project started in September 2021, and aims to support artists, actors, talents and writers under management contracts at Sony Music Group companies, and staff who work directly with these creators so that they can concentrate on their creative activities in a healthy state of mind and body.  "Online medical consultation," "regular check-ups," "expert counseling," and "in-house workshops" are provided free of charge within the company, and the company aims to expand such efforts to the entire entertainment industry in the future.

B-side official website

Comment from B-side team

Since the launch of "B-side" in August 2021, its awareness  is gradually increasing both inside and outside the company.

We have realized this as we have been contacted more by the people who we usually don’t have a chance to talk to inside the company.

I hope that the artists, creators and its staff covered by the project will first be aware of the initiative and think of it as an option in their mental health care.

As for October 10, I am truly grateful to Mr. Muramatsu for speaking about the care he has developed in his own experience with artists and staff, and to Mr. Sho Ayanokoji for deciding to speak at the event in order to make use of his story .

All the members are highly motivated to fulfill their roles in the project on top of their regular jobs, which is the driving force of the project.

I hope that we can continue to work together with everyone to expand the circle of cooperation.

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