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CD titles with environment-friendly disc trays released two consecutive week


Sony Music Solutions announced in May 2023 that it has developed a disc tray which uses materials with low environmental impact, including Sony's original blend material, an environment-friendly paper material. CD titles using this disc tray were released on November 29 and December 6, for two consecutive weeks.

The environment-friendly disc tray was used for the first packaged single "Kierumade[Limited Edition]" by Hana Hope, a 17-year-old female singer who also made her debut as a voice actor in Mamoru Hosoda's movie " Belle " in 2021, and for the single "Be a flower [Limited First Edition]" , a single by the four-member band Ryokuoushoku Shakai, which was announced to participate in the "74th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen" for the second time time in a row.

The "Kierumade [Limited Edition]" includes the title song, which is the opening theme song for the TV anime " The Kingdoms of Ruin " and comes in a digipak with an illustration jacket newly illustrated for the anime.

The “Be a flower [Limited First Edition]” is the opening theme song for the TV anime " The Apothecary Diarie", and the album includes a Blu-ray with documentary footage of the "pink blue tour 2023," a nationwide hall tour held from May to July of the year, and a photo book containing scenes from the tour.

What is an environment-friendly disc tray?

Disc tray using a paper material "Original Blended Material" developed by Sony and other materials

Original Blended Material is an environment-friendly paper material made from bamboo, sugarcane pomace, and recycled paper, and is used in the packaging of Sony products.

The disc clamps that hold the discs in place are made of a material with a plastic reduction rate of 51%*, resulting in a reduction of approximately 97%* in petroleum-based plastics compared to existing plastic trays.

In addition, the product has been verified in the manufacturing and distribution process to meet the current quality assurance level, and is compatible with all types of optical discs, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra HD Blu-ray.

*Comparison with conventional plastic

◇Original blended material official website

Comment from the person in charge of developing environment-friendly disc trays

We developed this disc tray in the hope that we could deliver artists' and creators' thoughts on the environment in a form that is possible only with physical packaging.

When you actually hold it in your hand, you will be surprised at how much lighter it is than you imagined. You will also feel the "gentleness" of the tray, which is comfortable to touch and feel when you take out a disc.

I would be happy if fans can feel this through the works of more artists.

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